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Adshels out of home network helping to save rainforest


Adshels out of home network helping to save rainforest


Rainforest Rescue is taking its message to the people of Sydney via a poster campaign supported by Adshels outdoor advertising sites.

During May and again in July, 100 poster sites have been made available at train stations and bus stops in Sydney for Rainforest Rescue to promote the cause.

In 10 years Rainforest Rescue has planted over 100,000 rainforest trees in northern NSW and the Daintree and protected many hectares of rainforest in the Daintree and overseas. We have supporters across Australia but we are keen to build our support base in Sydney and other cities, says corporate partnerships manager, Lana Nancarrow.

With the help of our character drawn by Michael Leunig we are asking people to visit our website. Once they know more about us, we are confident they will donate and support our programs to plant rainforest trees or save rainforests.

Apart from providing poster space, Adshel has committed to planting 10,000 trees in the Daintree through Rainforest Rescue.

Rainforest Rescue is an independent organisation registered for charitable purposes and has purchased and protected 10 properties in the Daintree to protect ecosystems and habitats for rare and endangered species such as cassowaries or the Bennett’s tree kangaroo.

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