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Australians are mobile


Australians are mobile


Sensis’ ‘e-Business Report’ has found Australians have embraced mobile internet more than ever before.

The report found almost half of all 20 to 29-year-old Australians have accessed internet via a mobile phone. Of teenagers 14 to 17, 47% have done so and 34% of 18 to 19 year olds have accessed the web on a mobile.

The uptake isn’t restricted to the young however, with the report indicating one third of Australians in their 30s and one quarter of those in their 40s using mobile internet. Totalled, the figures show more than a quarter of Australian mobile users have accessed the internet on their mobile phones.

“Mobile advertising has well and truly cemented itself as a cost-effective and accountable advertising medium and these figures confirm why – the audience is there and they’re quite an active bunch,” said Mark Shaw, general manager of Sensis’ digital advertising.

“Clearly, this is an audience with a penchant for buying. And that’s got to bring a smile to any advertiser’s face,” concluded Shaw.

The report indicates Australian users are employing the service for commercial purposes:

  • 41% find information on products and services
  • 36% find suppliers of products and services
  • 25% have undertaken mobile banking
  • 25% purchased a ringtone
  • 19% made a credit card purchase
  • 12% ordered goods or services, and
  • 10% bought or sold through an auction site.

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