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Australians favour working from home


Australians favour working from home


48% of the Australian workforce feel that spending their working hours at home or on the move achieves the best results, reported Robert Walters’ ‘Employee Insights Survey’.

Baby Boomers, more established in their careers, tend to embrace a more flexible lifestyle, with 18% of Baby Boomers interviewed (from a sample of 500 respondents), preferring to work on the move via handheld devices and laptops. Supporting evidence from The International Telework Association reports that the number of employees working from home has risen 50% since 2003.

Conversely, Gen Ys favoured working from the office the most, with 58% of the Gen Ys interviewed, preferring to have a presence in the office. Only 3% found success working from home.

“The landscape of the working world is changing – with the growing use of handheld devices, laptops with remote access and employers appreciating the need for flexibility – workers are no longer chained to their desks,” said James Nicholson, managing director of Robert Walters Australia.

Nicholson continued, “The most effective approaches to work can differ between sectors, states, companies and individuals, so it is important for employers to take the time to ascertain what gets the best results from their staff.”

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