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Authentic corporate communities


Authentic corporate communities


Gino de Pasquale tells us that the corporate world is in dire straits and in need of some spiritual cleansing. We’re don’t need to be emotionless automatons spouting buzzwords every minute, we can use our emotions to our advantage.
I have invested the last 23 years of my professional career as a strategist and CEO of an advertising agency, where I was constantly in search for the truth.

The truth well told is the art and holy grail of any real ad man right?… Well let me tell you, whilst my charter and that of my business (de pasquale advertising) may have been “in search for the truth” I’m not so sure the corporate world knew what the truth really was?

Sadly the result was a series of poor decisions and a distinct lack of responsibility as to what was best for their team members and ultimately their customers moving forward.

This simply leads to even poorer marketing decisions, and even poorer results.

CEO’s – and for that matter most of senior management, were so scared of making mistakes, they totally lost their way, and soon began making decisions based on what they thought was right, as opposed to what they knew was right.

A re-connection with who they once were, what inspired them, and what made them great in the first place.

So what is the path to authenticity?

Cultures which are open, honest, genuine, and whom are all focused on the same prize.

Clear articulated visions, strong core competencies, lots of emotions, and not so many words!!! Powerful leadership which consistently demonstrates the behaviours of success every day, as opposed to just talking about it.

Leadership which inspires team members to stay focused and believe in them-selves as much as they believe in the future of the business.

A corporate culture which treats its team like families, and cares for them as such.

A corporate culture which invests in its family.

In fact a corporate culture which cares more for its people than it does for its bottom line.

I truly believe that the future of successful marketing is about companies really understanding how to create AUTHENTIC Communities within their corporate business culture.

The outcomes of AUTHENTICITY will be staggering;

Clear Brand Positioning Higher Employee Retention Rates Attract the right team-members and customers Much much less stress in the working environment More productivity More PROFIT More PROSPERITY

Authenticity is the way for the future. Both inside the your business and within the lives of your customer.


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