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B2B Big Plays: Data-smata, SAP-Adobe team up… and who’s Uncle Mike?

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B2B Big Plays: Data-smata, SAP-Adobe team up… and who’s Uncle Mike?


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Who is Uncle Mike?

UK – Will not spoil the fun by saying too much about this smart advert from Powownow, a remote conferencing company, suffice to say for all those who are hooked on travelling rather than conferencing, you might be running the risk of asking one day, ‘Who is Uncle Mike?’



Global – Been feeling that your data is not quite there? Can’t trust it? Well you ain’t alone. 66% of business leaders are not happy with their organisation’s ability to respond to requests for data. The biggest grouches are IT directors: 84% of them are not happy campers.

A report published by Bull Information Systems highlights that many companies are flying blind, or at least with an irritating eyelash on the eyeball. Data does exist, but the means to access it and make informed business strategy and marketing decisions does not.

Well, at least to a degree that senior managers are happy with.


Adobe and SAP sitting in a tree…

Salt lake City – A brand-spanking new JV has been signed with Adobe and SAP to leverage Adobe’s marketing cloud with SAP HANA and Hybris commercial suite. The idea is to enhance the ability to deliver real-time customer engagement and relevant customer experiences.

This will surely beef-up SAP’s CRM capabilities to now deliver more digital marketing solutions. Match made in heaven? Let’s see!


Love thy customer or else

Global – Do you have a customer strategy in place? Most likely not, placing you in the two-thirds who also don’t. International SaaS provider Thunderhead have researched the question of customer engagement and what companies actively do about it.

They found that 30% of customers who have a bad experience will share this online, on the phone or in person. Word can spread with each interaction reaching 18 people.

The decisiveness of customers to act will see one in six put a bullet to the head of the relationship after one poor experience.

So, if you have not yet sorted out how to manage your clients and keep them happy, perhaps now is the time to have a crack.


Kimon Lycos

Kimon Lycos is founder of Mihell & Lycos, a leading business-to-business marketing communications agency, helping companies sell technology and innovation to other companies. He is also an Adjunct Professor with RMIT University. Tweet Kimon: @b2bmarketer, and visit Mihell & Lycos website.

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