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Beyond the iPhone


Beyond the iPhone


While the incandescent launch of the iPhone has been getting all the
headlines recently, I think another story is infinitely more exciting
for marketers.

With the emergence of mobile phone technology, mobile advertising is set to expand by 300 percent in Australia this year. Central to this is the mobile phone barcode technology QR Codes, which will expand the number and quality of consumer touch points.

Suddenly missing the bus doesnt seem all that bad

Its Monday morning, you just arrived at the bus stop and the bus is
running late. You look around, hoping the bus will just somehow appear,
and you spot a poster in the bus shelter of the latest movie you want
to see. You also notice a small black and white barcode on the poster.
You pull out your mobile phone and swipe its camera across the barcode.
Almost immediately you are connected to the movie’s trailer, session
times, reviews, you name it. And it doesn’t stop here. Sign up for a
2-for-1 voucher at the prompt and you can take a friend for free by
redeeming the voucher sent to your mobile phone.

QR holidays

Same concept – spot, scan, watch the video of a gorgeous resort,
check out the package deals, travel options etc. And the call to
action? All covered. Choose to save the travel agent’s contact number
on your mobile phone or connect through to a travel consultant in real
time. It doesn’t get any easier for the consumer and the mobile
marketer. By the time your bus arrives you’ve arranged your next

Telstra is the first carrier to offer QR code technology directly on
its NextG handsets. QR codes are already huge in Japan with some QR
codes even being put on graves – go figure.

What it means is that marketers will have a whole new level of
interactivity to play with because it’s now possible to bring products
and services to life through digital content. And with mobile phones a
must have for virtually everyone this could also mean revolutionary
changes to print and outdoor advertising. Not to mention a surge in
one:2:one direct marketing programs.


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