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Bing struggles to hold market share in Oz


Bing struggles to hold market share in Oz


Bing’s market share in Australia has continued to decline, dropping 3.24% between February and March.

According to Experian Hitwise, the search engine is chosen for just 3.92% of Australian searches. This puts the brand in third place, trailing Yahoo and Google. A total of 7.08% of Australians searches use Yahoo, with 4.39% being for the global site and 2.69% for the domestic Australian Yahoo.

Google takes much more than the lion’s share with 87.35%. A recent automatic redirection of domestic traffic to Google.com.au means that the localised engine accounts for 82.93% of Australian traffic and the global for 4.42%.

The Experian Hitwise report identifies an emerging trend in search term length growing. Users appear to be becoming more specific with one and two word searches declining (1.1% and 1.5% respectively) , three word searches stagnating and four to eight and above searches growing. The growth in each category is larger than the last, 1.0% in four word searches and 8.3% in eight and above word searches by example.

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