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Blogs for Breakfast


Although the age range of Generation Y can be as varied as the sexual preference of Lindsay Lohan, this post about marketing channels between the generations from the marketing student, David Fallarme @ www.themarketingstudent.com summarises the channels used for communication against increasing urgency.

Back in the day the Baby Boomers had three channels: postal mail, phone calls and face-to-face contact. Generation X follows similarly but chuck in a beeper and email for the new mix. Then in present day Generation Y can experience everything from a Facebook wall post to msn instant messages. Instead of only two channels before face-to-face contact as per the boomers, Gen Y now has six channels before they can escalate communication to face-to-face.

I resonate well with this; I must admit I have been guilty of sending my housemates an instant message before walking downstairs to speak in person! Or even worse, having a whole conversation via text messages, which could have been done by one phone call if only the subject matter was more personal.

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