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Clive Palmer tries to buy fake Gruen Nation ad


Clive Palmer tries to buy fake Gruen Nation ad


303Lowe’s winning Gruen Nation pitch campaign for Clive Palmer has attracted the attention of the Palmer United Party, which has requested permission to use the ad in its official campaign, the ABC has said.

On a regular segment of the Gruen programs two agencies are presented with a difficult or quirky brief, with the panellists deciding on a winner. The brief 303Lower received challenged the agency to create a serious advertisement to promote the Palmer United Party. The ad was screened on last Wednesday’s episode of Gruen Nation and was voted the winner on the night by the panel, which includes political commentator Annabel Crabbe, Leo Burnett’s Todd Sampson and Channel Ten’s Russel Howcroft.

Gruen Nation's statementThe ad splices together footage of Palmer saying he’s not a political leader with other politicians saying the Palmer doesn’t understand politics, and has vested interests.

“Yesterday we got a call from the Palmer United party team, asking if they could use last week’s pro-Clive Pitch ad, by 303Lowe for their real campaign,” wrote The Gruen Planet website. “The answer, of course, was no. The ABC can’t provide support to a political party.”

303Lowe chief strategic officer Jon McKie, says, “Promoting the PUP was always going to be a difficult brief. It’s great that we won the Gruen pitch on the night, but even more satisfying that Clive thought it good enough to put on air as his official party advertising.”

It is the second time 303Lowe has appeared on Gruen‘s ‘The Pitch’. The agency’s previous effort, which incited Aussies to invade New Zealand, was voted one of Gruen‘s favourite pitch videos of all time.

Here’s the ad: ‘He’s No Politician, Vote Clive Palmer’



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