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Contract marketing vs permanent work


Contract marketing vs permanent work


Sleep. Get up. Breakfast. Work. Lunch. Work. Dinner. Sleep! Sound
familiar? Ever dreamed of doing what you love, but having more
flexibility and variety? You would be joining an ever-growing group of
talented individuals, all eager to mix it up and gain insights into a
wide range of industries. The word about town is that with over a third
of companies across the Asia Pacific region, reportedly expecting to
increase their usage of contract staff in the coming 12 months, this is
the new way to go… But is this really the case?

businesses are looking to be more cost-effective in meeting their
staffing needs, whilst enduring a poor current financial climate,
continued talent shortages and surging demands. Companies are now
needing to fill gaps in capacity with short-term staff, and hiring
specialist staff in areas such as new media is the smart way for
companies to deliver specific projects without investing in permanent

There is a strong case for the use of marketing
contractors. Generally speaking, the work is varied, the rates are very
competitive, and you get to extend your professional and personal
networks. Of course, the downside is that the work can be static, you
don’t get paid holidays or sick leave, and sometimes you have to travel
just that little bit further if the work is on the other side of town.

believe that contracting offers individuals the opportunity to shine.
If you have specialist skills or specific industry insights, and prefer
flexibility in your work, then contracting may be a great option for

We’d love to hear what you think. Does contracting offer a
better lifestyle for you, or is the lure of a monthly pay cheque to
keep the mortgage lenders at bay and put petrol in your car more

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