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Data usage title taken by iPhone – until the bills arrive…


Data usage title taken by iPhone – until the bills arrive…


An Amethon Solutions mobile internet study has found that browsing habits and data consumption for users of the recently released Apple iPhone 3G is significantly higher than the average mobile device (possibly because every one of the handsets that went on sale in Australia were sold out in the first five seconds of their release!).

The report, which provides an insight into Australia’s mobile web browsing activities for August 2008, says that the iPhone dominated data consumption behaviour and handset-generated traffic was growing at nine percent per day – great news for cross-media marketing campaigns.

iPhone users are also browsing the desktop versions of websites with higher-quality content than the mobile versions and were found to delve into sites more deeply and browse for longer than mobile and desktop users – around 2.8 minutes, almost double the duration of average mobile users at 1.6 minutes, and even ahead of desktop users who average 2.4 minutes.

James Cleary, CTO of Amethon, believes that while the statistics are incredible, they will change as the first bills arrive for iPhone owners.

“Our belief is that many will adjust their browsing habits as the novelty wears off and some may upgrade their current plan to allow them more data usage,” says Cleary.

In other mobile marketing news, super brand Nokia is launching a new mobile TV channel, Capsule N96, offering exclusive entertainment and lifestyle programming for those using its N96 handset.

Available to download from October 2008, Capsule N96 programmes all run to 96 seconds, offering content themed around motoring, fashion, gadgets, comedy, culture and homes.

May the mobile revolution continue…

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