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David Ogilvys new biography


David Ogilvys new biography


David Ogilvy As I Knew Him is a new book about the legendary
advertising guru, written by his partner of 25 years Michael Ball.
The book has launched online at www.ebook.com
and is available free to readers.

David Ogilvy As I Knew Him covers all
facets of David’s life, from his love of music to his fear of flying, and
everything in between. In 1948 David built an advertising agency founded on
readership research and respect for the consumer which developed into a major
global network covering all communications disciplines and all key markets of
the world. This book helps explain David Ogilvy’s astounding success and how he
brought his vision to life through sheer creative brilliance. Also
included in the book is David’s nine page Principles of Management covering
everything from new business, islands of leadership, political accounts,
respect and morale etc, to when to resign an account.

A good read for any lovers of
biographies about marcomms or general business practice.

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