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DDB Sydney invites top AWARD graduates to LaunchPad


DDB Sydney invites top AWARD graduates to LaunchPad


DDB Sydney will offer this year’s top News Limited AWARD School students a three-month placement in the LaunchPad program.

The 2008 AWARD School graduation party took place on Wednesday 16
July and for the second year running, four students from the Top ten
automatically received a placement in the Launchpad program.  

Matt Eastwood, DDB national creative director, commented: We’re
delighted to be actively involved and getting behind News Limited AWARD
School.  I’m a huge advocate for developing and nurturing local talent
and we are always looking for avenues to further strengthen DDBs
support of young creatives and I believe this is a great example. This
initiative last year was a great success for both the students and for
DDB Sydney.

The LaunchPad program, which is operated in conjunction with FBI
Recruitment, offers those selected the chance to work for some of the
top creative directors in Australia. Those involved will tackle live
client briefs over the 12 week period with a real opportunity to stock
their portfolios with a broad range of real work.

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