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Demand for marketers increases


Demand for marketers increases


Demand for Marketing professionals is on the rise.

The E.L. Index has released its May report, showing a 6% increase in executive positions nationally with nearly every state showing positive gains.

Queensland and Victoria led the way in April juxtaposed with March. The New South Wales result was solid, while the Northern Territory was the only state to record a slip. The increase, which predicts wider economic health, is a good sign that Australia, at least, is recovering from the GFC.

Grant Montgomery, managing director of the executive search and research firm E.L Consult, which publishes the E.L Index, said, “On the surface the 6% rise is excellent news and hopefully it is the start of an increasing upward trend that will impact general employment and investment. Increased hiring of executives has always been a good indicator of changing trends in business confidence. New senior management roles are expensive and usually made with a long term outlook. However, we are living in interesting times and some recent announcements could impact the resilience of any turn around.”

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