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Digital TV uptake crests halfway mark


Digital TV uptake crests halfway mark


The latest ‘Digital Tracker’ research has found a significant upswing in Australian home’s digital TV capabilities.

The research, conducted by the Federal Government’s Digital Switchover Taskforce, found an increase of 6% in digital TV capabilities for the April – June quarter. The upswing means 53% of Australian homes now have digital TV capability.

Robin Parkes, CEO of Freeview, said the increase was a result of the campaigns run by the Digital Switchover Taskforce and Freeview. The company claims their TVCs have raised consumer awareness of Freeview by 92%. The campaign, ‘More for free’, has recently begun to promote new youth channel GO!

“We look forward to seeing the next quarter’s results which we feel will continue to be strong given that GO! launched last month and has had great acceptance by audiences due to its distinctly unique line-up of shows. Likewise, we will benefit from the launch of ABC3 kids’ channel next quarter,” said Parkes.

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