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Effie Awards announce Asia-Pacific regional program


Effie Awards announce Asia-Pacific regional program


As part of the global expansion of the Effie Awards, Effie Worldwide has announced the launch of the Effie Asia-Pacific program to be run in partnership with the Confederation of Asian Advertising Agencies Association (C4As).

Effie Worldwide is a global program that rewards marketing effectiveness, and has become an international standard in recent years through its ranking index. The Asia-Pacific program brings the network to a total of 40 national programs and four regional programs.

The current national programs in the Asia-Pacific region are Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

“Asia-Pacific is a key subject on every global marketer’s mind, along with the ever-important subject of effectiveness,” said Daryl Lee, global CEO of UM and member of the board of directors for Effie Worldwide.

The Effie Asia-Pacific program, organised by the C4As and managed by Tenasia Group, will recognise effective work that has run in the Asia-Pacific region. The C4As is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the marketing communications industry and has experience collaborating with organisations throughout the region, including North, South and Southeast Asia.

Effie Worldwide’s long-term partners in the region include key programs recognising the most effective work in many countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. A pilot Asia-Pacific Effies was previously awarded in 2008 in partnership with Effie Singapore partner, IAS.

Finalists and winners in all Effie programs in the Asia-Pacific region will be included in the Effie Effectiveness Index, which identifies and ranks the marketing communication industry’s most effective agencies, marketers and brands by analysing finalist and winner data from worldwide Effie competitions.



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