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Employer brand more important than ever, especially for young Australians


Employer brand more important than ever, especially for young Australians


48% of Australian job seekers say an employer’s brand reputation is more important today than five years ago.

Half of Australian job seekers say brand and reputation is more important when selecting employer than it was five years ago, new research from ManpowerGroup Solutions has shown.

Candidates who rank brand as a top-three motivating factor in their career decisions are most commonly in the 25-34 age bracket.

Millennials are the most brand-driven candidates in the survey of 4500 global job seekers, including 750 Australians.

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76% of Australians rate an ‘organisation’s reputation as an employer’ as significantly important, slightly higher than the global average of 70%.

25% of Australians are likely to actively source brand information prior to an interview, also higher than the global average of 17%.

The research also showed a strong link between being brand-driven, and valuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

84% of Australians in the study listed ‘employer-employee trust’ was the most important aspect of company brand.

“Increased transparency and greater access to information is better enabling Millennials to gauge an organisation’s brand and culture more quickly and more thoroughly than ever before. If organisations aren’t proactively engaging with individuals in a positive way via various channels, candidates will make their own assumptions and decisions based on the information they do have,” says Sue Howse, general manager at ManpowerGroupSolutions Australia and New Zealand.

35% of Australians also list ‘current employees of the company’ as the best source of information about an employer’s brand, making this the most popular response.

Companies wishing to attract these brand-conscious individuals are urged to be proactive.

“The practice of publishing job ads and waiting for individuals to apply is archaic. Employers must tap into current employees to actively tell the brand’s story and live its culture both in real life and through social media platforms. Those who choose not to utilise these important resources, or fail to recognise their direct social impact on company brand, risk being left behind,” says Howse.


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