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Famous people vote too


Famous people vote too


Media agency Haystac has launched an interactive campaign for the Australian Electoral Commission encouraging 1.4 million ‘missing’ Australians to enrol to vote.

The campaign centres around an interactive website, featuring video clips of well-known Australians, such as Ruby Rose, Dave Hughes, Eamon Sulivan, Stuart Clark, Sarah Wilson and Aaron Pederson, as well as community groups, all publicly declaring their intention to vote.

Haystac will drive a media campaign using the above celebrity ambassadors for radio, print and television interviews to drive traffic to the website. Ambassadors will also use their own social media networks to promote the campaign.

The website offers incentives for users to upload their own video message encouraging people to enrol and then share it via social media channels.

The campaign primarily targets youth as research by the AEC shows that many people aged 18-39 aren’t even aware that an election is pending and thus won’t look into their enrolment status.

“Voting puts everyone in the community on an equal level. By using both celebrities and everyday people to encourage others to enrol, we are hoping to put it on the agenda of young people in an engaging, interactive and non-threatening way,” said Anton Staindl from Haystac

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