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FCUK Chatroulette


FCUK Chatroulette


French Connection has become the first brand to explore the frontiers of social media by running a promotion through Chatroulette.

The promotion challenges consumers to set up a date using the service. The first to prove it will win $375 to spend on a “real life date-worthy outfit”.

Chatroulette is a service that connects random strangers together through video chats. It has been criticised for its use as a sexual exhibitionist’s playground. Reportedly Ashton Kutcher has used the service.

Weve hijacked the site; were a fashion brand and we wanted to get involved in an irreverent way. Its a fun medium, although its also weird, sad and strange. We only put up a small prize, because we dont want to look like were trying too hard, said William Woodhams, director of marketing at French Connection.

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