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Few marketers impressed with GFC management


Few marketers impressed with GFC management


37% of employees admired the actions of their employer throughout the global financial crisis (GFC) said Robert Walters in its ‘Employee Insights Survey’.

State-wise, employees in South Australia were the most impressed, with 68% stating that they respected their employer’s decisions during the GFC, while Queenslanders were the least impressed with only 30% agreeing with the statement.

Those employed in the engineering industry were the most impressed by their employers during the GFC, with 63% of engineers admiring their employers. Only a quarter of marketers interviewed agreed with that their employers handled the GFC satisfactorily.

Generations also had differing views of the GFC, with only 40% of Generation Y, 37% of Generation X and 32% of Baby Boomers admiring their employers actions during the GFC.

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