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BlackBerry own up to Wake Up


BlackBerry own up to Wake Up


UPDATED, 01/05/2012 9.35am: BlackBerry manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM), have since owned up to the campaign, issuing the following statement:

“We can confirm that the Australian ‘Wake Up’ campaign, which involves a series of experiential activities taking place across Sydney and Melbourne, was created by RIM Australia. A reveal will take place on May 7th that will aim to provoke conversation on what ‘being in business’ means to Australians.”

Original story, posted 01/05/2012 8.45am:

Samsung has denied responsibility for the ‘Wake Up’ teaser campaign that sent rumour mills into overdrive after the staged protest outside of Sydney’s Apple store a week ago.

In a statement Samsung Australia’s marketing director, Arno Lenior, said, “It’s great to know we’re front of mind with parts of the media as well as a good few bloggers when it comes to discussing campaigns like ‘Wake Up’.”

Samsung would indeed by very happy about the link with the campaign, given the amount of free publicity it generated. Less happy would be the campaign’s actual owner, which is still unknown, but may possibly turn out to be BlackBerry according to MacTalk.

MacTalk reports that a piece of the source code from the Wake Up website – the part linked to the hit tracking account – is the same tracking account installed on Blackberry’s Australian website.

The forum also points out that Blunty, the vlogger who just happened to be at the Apple store to capture the protest, has worked with Blackberry in the past. He posted a three part glowing preview of the Blackberry Playbook in the lead up to its Australian launch.

Lenior praised the campaign in his statement, “We think Australians have already woken up to the multitude of choices available, but kudos to whoever is behind the campaign – clearly it’s captured significant attention in the market and we are as keen as everyone else to discover who is behind it.”

With the Samsung Galaxy III set to launch on 3 May, the smartphone brand is already enjoying strong momentum in its rivalry with the iPhone.



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