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Campaign:Coles Great Giveaway




The launch of MOVE has seen the outdoor industry get more accountable. For the first time in Australia’s media history reach and frequency metrics now provide full transparency on the performance of outdoor campaigns, not just for combined campaign packages, but also across different formats, as well as alongside other media.

MOVE now provides the proof and accountability that clients have been looking for. Adshel has gone one step further by guaranteeing the reach, frequency and CPM for any pre-planned package, so you can be certain your campaign will be working hard on the street.

While pre-campaign planning is paramount, closing the loop through post-campaign analysis is a crucial step. Adshel’s Campaign Monitor enables clients to understand the effectiveness of their outdoor campaign through accurate, relevant and actionable research into audience recall and engagement.

Within the past decade, Adshel has researched over 400 street furniture campaigns across a wide range of industries in Australia and New Zealand, making Adshel’s Campaign Monitor the most robust database of outdoor recall results in out of home.

The Adshel Campaign Monitor delivers recall metrics on campaign performance, as well as ad diagnostics via the Nielsen EPIC model, to provide greater insight into the impact of creative in out of home.


Coles went out with a retail promotion in May last year aimed at main grocery buyers in order to boost sales.


The campaign was up on Adshel from 11 to 23 May 2009. The client chose a national broadcast medium weight campaign to achieve broadcast reach with even coverage, which was also integrated with TV, radio, press and online in support of the promotion.


Returning a MOVE reach and frequency score of 71.1 percent reach at six frequency on Adshel sites, the Coles Great Giveaway campaign exceeded the Adshel Reach and Frequency Guarantee for a national medium weight broadcast campaign of 70 percent reach at 5.5 frequency.

Adshel’s Campaign Monitor research demonstrated that high reach and frequency, and clear and impactful branding resulted in strong recall levels amongst all people (52 percent), well above the Adshel FMCG category norm of 24 percent. Recall among the target audience of main grocery buyers was comparable at 51 percent.

Most interestingly, the recall for the outdoor ads was the same as TV (52 percent) and almost double that of online (25 percent). Outdoor delivered the largest unique audience of any of the media researched, with 17 percent of respondents seeing only the outdoor ad, highlighting the efficiency of the Adshel medium. 


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