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Graduate like a rock star #2: Ditch the resume


Graduate like a rock star #2: Ditch the resume


Now that youre passionate about your speciality in marketing, its time to ditch the resume. Pick up that dodgy three-page application and bin it. Chances are its an electronic file you constantly email around, in which case it’s time to move it to the recycle bin.

Six months ago I decided to throw out my resume. It was the second best career move I’ve made to date. Being so young and still a student a few years from graduation, I don’t really have any experience anyway. I gave up on lying and exaggerating about what was ultimately part-time work answering phones and stuffing paper in envelopes.

Even telling people that Ive thrown out my resume has started a number of conversations. Its sparked interest, given me a point of difference and most importantly its lead to interviews where I’ve been able to actually sell my skills and value to the organisation. Realistically, a resume is just a step towards an interview, so why not skip it and head into the interview with a bang?

So what do you replace the resume with? A blog.

Starting a blog surpassed throwing out my resume and became the best move I ever made career wise. My blog is my resume. Gavin Heaton suggested doing it three years ago.

The thing is, the concept of students blogging in Australia is pretty much nonexistent. In fact, the number of current undergraduates blogging could be counted on my hands, and Id probably have enough spare fingers to carry a beer or two.

I can guarantee that no matter what topic you’re passionate about, there are no more than three students blogging about it. That figure might even hold up worldwide depending on your speciality. Its a fantastic opportunity to stand out, be heard, interact with a community and ultimately show how passionate you are.

More and more employers are looking for people who have an understanding of how the digital world works, or at least an online presence. A blog is a way to show that, especially if you have a decent following and regular comments appearing on your posts.

It opens doors for you and gives you a chance to interact with big players in the industry. You’ll find it very easy to track them down, or even better if they stumble across you and your blog.

So stop sending around pages that employers throw out without even reading. Make it your best career move and start a blog. And if you do, let me know.

Ditch the resume is the second article in the Graduate like a rock star series.


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