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iMedia interviews: Peter Pynta, director, Neuro-Insights


iMedia interviews: Peter Pynta, director, Neuro-Insights



Peter Pynta, director, Neuro-Insights

Now that the dust has settled on the iMedia Brand Summit, and the shenanigans of two days in the Blue Mountains are bleary-eyed memories, we can officially bring you our series of exclusive video interviews with delegates and speakers alike.

During the two days of the summit, marketingmag.com.au and Viocorp, Australias leading internet broadcasting company, came together to record 14 video interviews with some of Australias leading marketers, researchers, agencies and technology providers.

Snack on this video and the others listed in the Related Articles in the right-hand sidebar, and then tuck into the comments section for dessert and tell us what you think of the interviewees answers.

See the complete list of exclusive iMedia Brand Summit video interviews.

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  • Have you used neurological insights in your marketing? How? Was it beneficial?

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