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Israel bans Apples iPad


Israel bans Apples iPad


Israeli custom officials have stated they will not allow the import of Apple’s iPad because its wireless capability could disrupt other users’ wireless connections.

According to Macworld.com.au, despite Apple’s marketing department working overtime in the past few months to promote the new product, Israeli customs is adamant that the product may cause problems to consumers of existing Wi Fi products.

Apple has already sold 500,000 iPads in the US, with publishing and technology companies working to create content to fit the new platform.

While the customs officials admitted that a number of iPads had already made it into Israel, any more found would be confiscated but will be held for a storage fee at the expense of the owners until they leave the country.

The announcement comes days after Apple said it would have to delay the iPad’s international release due to what it referred to as ‘heavy sales’ in the US.

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