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LOTE ad mapping tool announced by SBS radio


LOTE ad mapping tool announced by SBS radio


SBS Radio has introduced a mapping tool that gives advertisers insight and access to consumers who speak different languages.

Covering the Sydney and Melbourne local government geographic areas, SBS Radio can segment languages other than English (LOTE) populations and overlay them with clients’ target markets.

The intersection allows SBS Radio to identify the languages advertisers should use to convey their messages to potential customers in specific LOTE areas.

The mapping tool was developed by the foreign language broadcaster with MapData Sciences which focuses on geographic information systems (GIS) and digital mapping.

SBS Radio sales manager, Julie Newton-Werro, says the mapping tool enabled clients to make the most of the broadcaster’s extensive language offering.

“The variety of ethnic groups in greater Sydney and Melbourne is so diverse that advertisers can’t rely on a single publication to reach all of their potential customers,” explains Newton-Werro.

“This [tool] is of particular benefit to SMEs who don’t have the resources to deal with multiple advertising representatives to convey a single message.”

According to Newton-Werro, education and tuition services, phone card companies, traditional food staples and complementary medicines are among the SME businesses that have taken interest in the service.

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