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Marketing magazine moves


Marketing magazine moves


Niche Media, publisher of Marketing, is moving over the weekend.

Which will be a great opportunity for changing things up following the reader’s survey. But before we get on to the fun stuff, there’s the headaches, back aches and commotion involved in moving. Things should (famous last words) run smoothly, but:

  • Marketingmag.com.au will remain up and be unaffected by the move
  • We’ll lose phones for a few days, these have been redirected to our mobiles and the numbers will remain the same after the move,
  • Our mailserver will be down for a few hours, so emails sent over the weekend could get lost – save ‘em for Monday, and
  • Our new address is 142 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne, 3205.

Alright, too many people are wondering why I’m sitting down – back to it!

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