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Men prefer digital


Men prefer digital


AskMen has released the results to their Great Male Survey, a global survey interrogating men about their attitudes to relationships, politics, lifestyle, business, fashion and sex.

100,000 men aged 18 – 34 were surveyed globally (including 3000 Australian men) in order to source trends for the year.

A top finding is that the internet is emerging as the preferred channel for media consumption with the majority of respondents preferring to source news, information, social interaction and entertainment online.

Industry-related findings include:

  • 40% of respondents say they read traditional newspapers less in favour of online news portals
  • 73% use social media to source trends and stay in touch with friends
  • Only 25% watch a series on television, with 44% preferring to download it from the internet and watch in their own time, and
  • Australian men feel misrepresented by the media, with 66% responding that no commercial portrayals of men are accurate.

Other findings include:

  • 65% believe in the institution of marriage
  • 40% believe being a great father and husband defines a real man in 2010
  • Having a family trumps having a beautiful house or a luxury car, with 32% of men choosing it as their ultimate male status symbol
  • 77% of men feel they should pay for the majority of dates either for the duration of the relationship or at least until it’s established
  • The majority, 37%, believes that Hugh Jackman best represents the typical Aussie bloke
  • 63% Australian men enjoy cooking at home
  • 69% of men would take the male contraceptive pill if it were available
  • 81% of men would have no problem with their partner earning more than them, and
  • Over 50% men engage regularly in some kind of ‘manscaping’.

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