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Mobile marketing in the food industry


Mobile marketing in the food industry


According to eMarketer, consumers are searching for more than just discount coupons when grocery shopping.

A March 2010 Deloitte study in the US found that although many consumers do search for coupons and discount vouchers, as well as compare prices between stores, an increased number are using their mobiles in-store to search for information about products. Close to a quarter of food shoppers admitted to searching on product websites and reading online reviews while in-store.

Deloitte’s study found that a majority of consumers feel that country-of-origin labelling for fresh meat and produce is important (51%) and frequently or always reference nutritional facts about the product they’re interested in (54%).

The eMarketer report also referenced an April 2010 study by research company, Latitude, which confirmed that health and quality took precedence over price. Consumers themselves suggested implementation of apps or other mobile information solutions in order to access product information.

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