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Moments with marketers: Nick Bolton


Moments with marketers: Nick Bolton


Marketingmag.com.au chats to Nick Bolton – head of marketing at Viocorp. If you
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marketer profiled, please email your suggestion to Kate Kendall, online
editor, on [email protected].

What do you do?

According to the business card, I am head of marketing at Viocorp, though should really be suffixed with ( aka sales aka occasional producer aka general manager, Melbourne.)

What was your first job?

First job was the good old newspaper round. I used to love the quiet at that time (but maybe not the cold!). First professional job was as a marketing assistant for a pharmco, marketing/selling among other things energy tablet drinks to students. Didn’t work but did make your wee go bright red! Didn’t enjoy it really but got to hang out at university bars for another three years.

What did you study?

Combined studies in marketing, law and accountancy. Found Law too unfair and accountancy too boring and failed miserably. Loved the marketing degree bit and did really well though. Taught me a lesson to do what you love and results/happiness will come. Geez I sound some like wanky new-age guru.

Describe a typical day?

Well my flatmate calls me the energiser bunny. Being stuck behind a desk is not for me. Usually a breakfast meeting and then out all day. Try to walk around Sydney if I can. During the week Im always out at gigs, the theatre or cinema. And Ive got football training in the winter. Usually involved in some acting rehearsals for some film or theatre project (my other life). Rarely in before 11pm most nights. I don’t get how people can sit in front of the TV all night. So boring, especially with the drivel on Australian TV. Much rather be at the pub or restaurant having a yarn and a slurp.

What is on the agenda for 2009-2010?

Well on 1 August I moved to Melbourne to set up the new Viocorp office, servicing the sudden influx of Melbourne clients, sourcing new clients, building our brand and looking for account managers. Online video is taking off, and the impending National Broadband Network will significantly help our business.

What brand do you love the most? Hate the most? Why?

Love: Paul Smith – every time I go back to London, I always treat myself at the Floral Street store in Covent Garden, London. It represents a throwback to what England was – before it lost its soul. It’s all class and quality yet got a humour about it.

Hate: Gillette – its sooooo American. So arrogant. So full of itself. So monopolistic.

What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

I suppose I should say the browser or the media player! It’s all the same principle really, just through new, evolving and admittedly very exciting digital channels. Mark Neely once simplified it really well: its just selling more, to more people, more often, at more margin.

Where can people find you?


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