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Moments with marketers: Tristan Fawley


Moments with marketers: Tristan Fawley


Marketingmag.com.au had a chat with Tristan Fawley, @www digitals creative director. If
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What do you do?

Creative Director of @www Digital Sydney. We provide strategic digital advice and execution to brands and companies through any and all mediums related to the digital space.

What was your first job?

Ironically as a lifelong vegetarian my first job during college was as a grill chef in a motorway service station. Spending 10 hours a day cooking hundreds of fried breakfasts, chicken dinners and steak and chips might seem odd choice but it did however drum into me solid customer skills, dispute management and I never stole a single sausage in over four years!

What did you study?

I studied a degree in Branding and Packaging at Somerset College of Arts and Technology in West England before departing to the bright lights of London and starting work with a branding agency called Tutssels Lambie-Nairn. After working in the offline space for 7 years I moved to digital but I have always felt it is important to have a broad design understanding, its essential to know how what you do fits into the big picture.

Describe a typical day?

A standard day is mix of juggling the needs of my ever needy design team, persistent account directors and, of course, wonderful clients. If a get a free moment I haul myself out of bed at some un-godly hour and try to feel good about going to the gym. The day normally ends around 7pm when I can relax with my wife and dog and try to turn my mind off thinking about doing it all again tomorrow. I am a bit of a closet gamer so I might finish the night killing a few aliens to help me wind down.

What is on the agenda for the next year?

Growing @www Digital to be the best digital partner we can to our clients, expanding our online finance business Iposoft and developing our branded content division Dubz.tv in Australia to help expand our creative business further.

What brand do you love the most? Dislike the most? Why?

Apple (of course), as a designer I have lived and breathed Apple for the best part of twenty years. They have always remained at the forefront of both marketing and technical innovation and have shown that computers will never been seen as small grey boxes again.

What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

The advent of true broadband capability – the really fast stuff is still yet to come but suddenly we are starting to see what the internet can truly offer for the first time.

Where can people find you?


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