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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


Bonjour mes amies! This week we look at Valentine’s Day and why it doesn’t always turn out how you want.

As you well know, French is known as the language of love and its culture reflects that notion. All over Europe Valentine’s Day is celebrated with gusto, with flowers and chocolate – ingredients to inflame a lover’s passion.

But the Americans do things differently – take, for example their distribution of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Valentine’s cards.

Despite the show specialising in heinous crimes, there’s no reason why there can’t be a romantic side to it… can there?

What is something else that you can do on Valentine’s Day? Myself, I am old fashioned so I took my beloved for a wine/dine/divine evening, including a trip to the cinema – but alas she is hard of sight, so I provided her with a ‘I can read movies’ publication so she could keep up.

She didn’t appreciate my suggestion so I spent Valentine’s Day alone.

Oh well, at least I enjoyed the film…

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