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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


From unmitigated crazy sheep-herding in New Zealand to blow-up hoodies, there are a few disturbing but hilariously creative minds out there.

There seems to be an increasing use of YouTube to spread viral videos that could potentially be a part of wider campaign for a company or brand. Enter Extreme Sheep LED Art, a two and half minute opus for Kiwis (and amused Aussies) everywhere.

The premise has a herd of sheep fitted with jackets made up of LED lights, so that they are released and, uh, herded into Art Attack-style positions.

The footage is truly amazing but one wonders if there isn’t some electro doctoring to create the end results (though that could be my own cynical nature kicking in).

Considering this is making the rounds during a recent ‘Travel to NZ’ campaign, you have to wonder – where did it really come from?

From dressing sheep up to dressing yourself, this item is one that marketers might have difficulty – the blow-up doll hoodie.

Made from a genuine adult product, it’s hard to foresee a future in which these plastic fantastic creations become an actual fashion trend.

One thing’s for sure, you wouldn’t to be seated next to one on the train on a hot day…

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