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Mostyle puts a 3G website within everyones grasp


Mostyle puts a 3G website within everyones grasp


In a move that is sure to be of interest to entrepreneurs and SME small business owners, Melbourne-based Mostyle has just launched a new service designed for mobile use that allows anyone to create a free 3G mobile website and publish it to a global community.

Mostyle offers a streamlined web interface, which produces sites compatible with all 3G networks and handsets, especially interesting considering the recent announcements concerning the new iPhone. This will enable businesses, brands or users to publish their content to a global audience.

Mostyle is an integrated content creation ecosystem, encompassing site-building, community-building and a content portal offering the full web 2.0 experience including text, photos, videos and sharing comments with friends, communities or customers across the world, at any time.

Mostyle is the brain-child of Alex Young, who returned to Australia to found the company after working for companies like Nokia, Telstra and StarHub and gaining further experience with 3G and i-mode in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

Recent reports by Heavy Reading and Juniper Research predict that mobile internet advertising spends will rise from roughly 1.3 billion in 2007 to between $7.6b and $10b in 2013. Bolstering these figures, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that it was his prediction that the mobile internet would be the next major advertising platform.

You build it, you publish it, you share it with friends. You react to that, and start the cycle again, you build it, you publish it, you share it with friends. Once you have the cycle going and feeding back in, you start to get the economies of scale that make mobile advertising and M-commerce really take off, says Young.

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