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MySpace, Google team up in social networking war


MySpace, Google team up in social networking war


Ready the tanks, send up the unmanned drones, restart conscription – there’s a war brewing.

MySpace has teamed up with Google and the internet giant’s Friend Connect service to extend the reach of its login system MySpaceID.

MySpaceID, which is part of the MySpace Open Platform, makes it easier for MySpace’s 127 million worldwide users to connect with each other while they are on other websites.

It allows users to connect their MySpace profile data to partner sites (Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, AOL, Flock, Eventful, Flixter and Yoono), to find MySpace friends on partner sites, and publish activities from partner sites to MySpace, among other things. Vodafone and Netvibes have also recently signed up to the service.

As part of the agreement with Google, Friend Connect will become a component of MySpaceID. Google Friend Connect allows website owners to offer their users access to social network features such as profiles and message boards.

The service also enables users to access personal profiles they have built on other social networks.

“Weve seen the evolution of the web move from curated experiences to personalized start pages and now we’re in the age of identity management,” asserts MySpace chief executive, Chris DeWolfe.

Not to be left out, Facebook took its own step toward conquering the web universe last week with the unveiling of its Facebook Connect data portability initiative, in direct competition to MySpace ID.

It appears that MySpace, Facebook and Google are all locked in an internet-wide battle for control of social networking, with the alliances between them continuing to get more complicated – MySpace fully supports Google Friend Connect, and is using the standard to power its new MySpace Open Platform. Facebook has openly rejected Google citing privacy concerns.

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