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Brands getting around Game of Thrones’ final season premiere


Brands getting around Game of Thrones’ final season premiere


The final season of HBO’s critically acclaimed blockbuster television program Game of Thrones airs today, but you probably already knew that. Here are three brands celebrating the release.

Perhaps the most hyped TV show of all time, the first episode of Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season aired today at 11 am AEST. Many of us, however, have been otherwise preoccupied with trivial tasks such as marketing or writing articles about Game of Thrones.

To tide you over, here are three brands that GoT around the final season’s hype:

Foxtel – Grave of Thrones

As sole (legal) distributor of the show in Australia, the paid-television provider transformed a portion of Sydney’s Centennial Park into a graveyard for deceased characters.

The graveyard spanning over 2000 square metres, DDB Sydney and Foxtel built more than 30 gravestones memorialising characters from the past seven seasons – each with aesthetic references to the medium and episode of their death.

The project involved hundreds of sculptors and was available for the public to tour over the weekend – complete with audio guidance.


Created by New York-based digital agency 360i, Oreo’s spot is a love letter to the Game of Thrones opening title sequence – recreating the show’s various castles entirely out of animated Oreo cookies.

“It’s definitely a community that’s all about social connections and that’s what makes it relevant for Oreo,” says Oreo senior director Justin Parnell.

According to Parnell, the Game of Thrones collaboration is one of the biggest of the year for the brand.

“What we’re doing is fully and wholeheartedly leaning into our brand purpose, which is that we believe in the power of playful spirit to bring people together… You don’t necessarily think of Game of Thrones as being playful, at least not in the way we think about it.”

Shutterstock – Game of Brands

What if the houses of Westeros were to exist in the modern day? In lieu of monarchical bloodlines, Shutterstock has reimagined the Game of Thrones houses as contemporary corporations.

The first of the punderful series features House Targaryen. Playing on the family’s history with dragons, Shutterstock decided in the modern day the Targaryens would be an airline.

Air Targaryen 2

Keeping with the creed of House Lannister, “A Lannister always pays his debts,” Shutterstock reimagined the family of wealth as an investment bank.

Lannister Investment

House Stark, the show’s protagonists, would be a snow and ski-wear brand, according to Shutterstock. Rather fitting considering the Stark’s residence is stuck in a perpetual winter and rumours that their bloodline may contain Whitewalker genealogy.

Stark Outfitters


A cold reference to the shocking penultimate episode of Game of Thrones’ third season – known to fans as ‘The Red Wedding’ – House Frey has been brought to life in the modern day as a wedding venue with the company motto, ‘We understand the importance of vows.”

Frey Celebrations


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