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Newspapers get granular


Newspapers get granular


News Limited has released its first Newspaper Sectional Readership Study, a project designed to assist advertisers in targeting their print spend.

The research, conducted across metropolitan, national daily and Sunday mastheads, involved responses from over 14,000 readers.

The report looks at how long and how often readers spend with the sections published throughout the week and attempts to define the audiences and their hierarchy of interest within the papers.

Tony Kendall, director of sales News Limited said, “Some of the results of the study were a surprise, for example, more women read Confidential than the leading weekly women’s magazines. We also found that health and beauty is important to male readers who spend over ten minutes on average each week reading body+soul.

“Media Planners in agencies will be provided with the full database to conduct their own deep analysis and mine information specific to their client’s brands and audiences.”

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