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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


Do you remember a time when computer games were simple, were in 2D and were filled with enough flashing colours they could cause an epileptic fit? When Commander Keen, Leisure Suit Larry and then, a little later, Mario Bros filled our lives with joy and frustration?

We had our digital heroes then and, sometimes, as I read about economic woes and people dying in conflicts, I want to have a modern day digital hero.

My prayers have been answered – welcome to ‘Super Obama World‘. This game depicts our favourite new Rambo of modern day life, President-elect Barrack Obama, as the hero in a Mario-style computer game.

To survive to the next level, Obama must duck lobbyists with bags of cash, hungry pigs and collect as many American flags as he can, all in an unfriendly land – Alaska.

Each level title is inspired by sayings by the regrettable Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, including “I can see Russia from my house”.

One presumes that the big boss is Palin but you have to get through to the end to find out (I havent got to that level yet…).

The game’s creator, ZenSoft, has promised more levels are under construction, including Arizona (home to John McCain), Illinois (home to Obama) and, of course, Washington DC.

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