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Over the hump …


Over the hump …


You may have come across the latest web-lebrity (web + celebrity), but if you havent he has to be seen (and heard) to be believed.

Thanks to David Barrett over at The Daily Telegraph for this one.

This is Trent from Punchy, the YouTube sensation watched by more than 10,000 new viewers online a day.

With no more than his colourful language and classy lines – girls
are bitches, theyre like stitches, you pull them out and then they
open up – this self-confessed drug addict has gathered a huge cult
following among young people online.

The appearance of the video clip on YouTube has sparked online debate about whether Trent from Punchy is real, or the work of an actor.

If this isnt for real (as I suspect) then it does raise the question, why bother? In one of our video interviews with Joseph Jaffe, Gavin Heaton asked the question whether weblebrities (like Trent and Kate Modern) would be a passing phenomena or here to stay.

Either way Im going to play it safe and avoid any trips to Punchbowl any time soon.

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