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People 2Vouch for


Ever hear about a job that someone you know might be good for, but they aren’t actively looking to move on? Now you don’t have to keep it to yourself.

Employers will be able to find the ‘hidden’ candidates for vacant jobs with 2Vouch, a company that describes itself as Australia’s first social recruiting website.

The key to 2Vouch are its ‘referrals’ – the site automatically matches the job requirements to members and their networks. When there is a match, the member can choose to refer the job to people they know and recommend it to them.

But that’s not the best part – 2Vouch will reward members that refer someone for a job and if that person gets hired, the member is paid a reward between $1400 and $2800!

You can choose to donate some or all of the reward to charity (if you’ve come over all Mother Teresa that is).

For recruiters and employers there is no fee to advertise and companies only pay when they hire someone – there is also a 110 percent money-back guarantee.

“The best candidates come through referrals. So, we make it easy and efficient for companies to use the social networks of our members to get to people who are hard to reach,” explains 2Vouch CEO Riges Younan.

Younan expects that in the coming months, 2Vouch will enable members to use social networking sites and blogs to link people with positions.  A pretty handy service if you’re ‘looking without looking’.

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