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Phone call tracking add-on for Google Analytics launched


Phone call tracking add-on for Google Analytics launched


UK internet and search engine marketing company ClickThrough Marketing has announced the launch of a module add-on for Google Analytics that allows users to track phone call conversions from any source including pay per click, natural rankings, forums, banners, affiliates or any online advertising channel.

Launched as a free service to its clients, the system allows marketers’ to track phone calls made on their website and display them in Google Analytics alongside other conversions like sales, enquiry forms and email subscribes.

According to the company his means marketers are able to track the true ROI of all online marketing channels and make informed decisions based on the real cost per acquisition each campaign is delivering.

Founder of ClickThrough Phil Robinson indicated the key benefits of the add-on are that the company is able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its clients’ PPC and other online marketing activities.

“We’ve been tracking phone call conversions for years, however, this new service allows us to seamlessly track phone call data in real time alongside other key conversion points,” explained Robinson.

The call tracking module has a number of features including geographical location of callers, free call queuing, missed call alerts via email/SMS, free voice mail and customised messaging.

Grant Hardy, managing director of Liquid11 phone and SMS service provider who developed the call tracking application, agreed that Clickthrough Marketing’s add-on as an advanced call tracking the application could be implemented quickly and efficiently.

“We are confident that at this point in time the application is the most effective product available to accurately track your phone call from you web pages or website. We feel that this is the missing link for many companies, allowing them complete tracking for all aspects of their online business,” said Hardy.

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