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Radio industry campaign rolls on


Radio industry campaign rolls on


Ads for a campaign promoting the need to trade through the economic crisis and advertise on radio, will begin next week as part of the commercial radio industry’s ongoing multi-million dollar brand campaign.

The three-part campaign, called ‘Radio Advertising, Economically Sound’ features comedian, Mark Mitchell, highlighting why radio advertising is economically sound in tough economic times.

The ads, written by the radio specialist agency, Eardrum, are aiming to also promote a free guide, Economically Sound Advertising, available to download from the Commercial Radio Australia website.

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner says the industry is aware that ad spend is often cut when overall budgets are tight, so the ads have been developed to counteract that way of thinking.

“Research also shows some good reasons and strategic advantages to continue to advertise in tough economic times: there is less clutter in traditional markets, and success breeds success, so continuing with brand advertising will make a product stand out,” says Warner.

The ads are the latest addition to the radio’s industry’s ongoing multi-million dollar radio brand campaign launched in June 2003.

Previous ads have included comic legend, John Cleese – however, there were difficulties adapting his ‘Ministry of Silly Walks’ sketch to radio.

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