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Schoolgirls done for Facebook slagging


Schoolgirls done for Facebook slagging


The Facebook censoring continues. Following a number of high profile job dismissals due to Facebook postings, a London girls’ school has suspended 29 of its pupils after they posted insulting comments about a teacher on Facebook.

The students subscribed to a group on the social networking site called ‘The Hate Society’ and their comments allegedly caused the unnamed female teacher to seek counselling.

The girls were suspended after a pupil printed the webpage containing the comments and passed it around at school.

“While the offending material has been removed from the website, the schools decision to exclude these pupils temporarily was not taken lightly,” says Rachel Allard, head teacher of the students school.

Last year, Virgin Atlantic sacked 13 members of its cabin crew in after they insulted customers and criticised the airlines safety standards on Facebook.

Following an investigation, it was found that the staff participated in a discussion on Facebook, calling customers ‘chavs’, claiming that Virgin Atlantic’s 747s were infested with cockroaches and that Virgin’s engines require replacement several times a year.

Facebook censoring insulting groups shows a renewed interest in protecting users from being harassed following the issues MySpace had with the suicide of one of its members due to harassment.

While it’s good to see the social media company doing something with their users in mind, perhaps looking at ways to prevent hate groups from forming in the first place might help.

The company is huge, but it doesn’t quite have the resources to censor groups like China does.

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