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Speaking to the ladies


Speaking to the ladies


Women seem to transfer what they seek in a man to what they seek in developing relationships with brands as well!

Quality and trust – while these traits seem like what the ladies would discuss about in relationship to finding Mr. Right, a global study by Nielsen found that Australian women are most likely to build loyalty with brands that they find are of high quality and are trustworthy.

Nielsen’s Women of Tomorrow Report, which surveyed 6,500 women across 21 nations found that females in developed countries, such as Australia, also plan spending additional money earned on vacations, groceries and paying off credit cards and debts. They also felt that it was a man’s responsibility to look into purchases like homes, cars and personal electronics, though a joint decision was preferred.

Australia also came in fourth in social media uptake across women globally, where 69% were active on a social media platform. However, only 10% felt that advertising on social media influenced them.

Susan Whiting, vice chair at Nielsen said: “To connect with women, strategies should be social and relevant. With social networking, women typically follow brands more so than men, making the social networking tool relevant for discounts, deals and coupons. Women are much more likely to engage with media that seamlessly integrates into and improves their day-to-day lives”.

Interestingly, personal recommendations from friends and family still ranked the most influential and trusted source of information, with consumer reviews coming in second.

Television, however, was still the preferred media to get information about new products from for Australian women. However, the results found that coming a close second was word-of-mouth.

Whiting pointed out that the with other media vehicles beside television increasing in importance for information search, it is a critical marketing consideration for brand managers when balancing strategic media plans.

Belle Kwan

Assistant editor, Marketing magazine & marketingmag.com.au A marketer's dream who believes everything she sees on TV. Advertising is not evil, it is an artform and a science.

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