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Survey says Aussies have the best global job prospects


Survey says Aussies have the best global job prospects


More than half of Australian employees believe that Australia offers the greatest job prospects in the current global economy, according to a survey of 1,449 employees by career-building and networking company LinkMe.com.au. And apparently Victorians have more global perspectives than their NSW counterparts.

Demonstrating a confidence in the Australasian region, the next greatest job prospects are perceived as being in China and India, with 26.7 percent and 13.2 percent respectively.

Recent reports of an increase of Australians returning home citing better job prospects, a drop in applications to work overseas and an increase in foreign professionals seeking work in Australia bear out this confidence in the Australian job market.

There is certainly a high degree of confidence in the employment prospects of this country, says Campbell Sallabank. With unemployment at such a low level, skills shortages in almost every sector and the ever-burgeoning China on our doorstep, the workforce has every confidence that the labour market will continue to flow in their favour for some time yet.

Even if offered a job in the ‘city of their dreams’, candidates show some reluctance to leave the security of Australia with only half (51.8 percent) saying they would consider moving and ‘seeing what happens’ and only 18.8 percent saying they would commit to staying for a short time span. Still 17.1 percent would not leave Australia at all.

For the country as a whole, New York was named as the most exciting city in the world to work (27.8 percent) with London averaging the closest second (14.7 percent) on a national basis. NSW state patriotism is clearly as high as ever, with NSW respondents naming Sydney as the second most exciting city (24.6 percent). Victorians were more outward-looking with London coming in second (14.7 percent) and Sydney just pipping Melbourne to third place with 12.7 percent.

Online searching has definitely become the preferred method of searching for work, particularly in other countries, said Campbell Sallabank. The next favoured method is through recruitment consultants. This further highlights the fact that potential employees have the comfort of being choosy about where they work, with the cushion of the current economic environment. They are looking for informed advice and support whilst making such an important decision.

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