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Ten breached rules with subliminal ads


Ten breached rules with subliminal ads


So that crazy guy with the tin foil hat that sits at the tram stop was right – corporations are using subliminal messages to control our brains!

Network Ten has been chastised by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for broadcasting material below or near the threshold of normal awareness during the 2007 ARIA Awards.

Several complaints were received by the ACMA at the time about the inclusion of brief displays of sponsor’s logos during the nomination segments of the program.

ACMA slowed the footage to analyse it frame by frame and found that the rapid-cut graphics used in the program was a technique that was attempting to convey information to viewers ‘below or near the threshold of normal awareness’ – a breach of clause 1.8.4 of the broadcasting code.

Ten is now expected to distribute the report to its production staff (both in-house and external) and to not use the same rapid cut use of sponsor logos again.

While it may seem like only a rap on knuckles, the ACMA considers its action as proportionate, since it’s the first breach of this kind and the network will not use this technique in the upcoming 2008 ARIA Music Awards… that we know of.

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