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The changing of the channel


The changing of the channel


Alison Copley grabs the TV remote, flips the radio dial and gets accustomed to the imprint of her favourite chair as she questions whether broadcast is still holding its place in the marketing mix.

It used to be the big black box in the corner – bulky, typically rather unsightly and not something that would make mum proud to fit into her lounge room decorating plan. “Oh how life is different…”, I hear you mumble as you hastily look down to check your email on your iPhone. I would even go as far as to presume that today’s TVs would be ashamed of their zimmer frame-equipped grandfathers from a few years ago. Gone is the colossal, in is the compact, sleek, slim-lined, barely-thicker-than-this-magazine-I-betcha and actually quite sexy TV. Screens are vaster than most windows, sound quality is close to perfection, visuals are overwhelmingly precise and owning one makes us look quite… modern. The same story can be applied to radios. They’re kilometres away from their overweight cousins. Just slot the word digital afore it and we’re ready to rock and roll.

But despite being comfortably ahead in technological terms, many are wondering and others occasionally writing articles about whether people are actually involving traditional broadcast media in their lives as much as they used to.

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