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Three ways to keep event attendees alert and engaged


Three ways to keep event attendees alert and engaged


Are your conference guests looking a little tired? Francesca Peskops has three easy physical activities that will clear and focus the mind and improve attention.

Francesa PeskopsWe all know the benefits of exercise in clearing and focusing the mind. It’s no wonder then businesses are catching on to the idea of including physical activity in their conferences.

We have seen a remarkable increase in our clients wanting to break away from the traditional conference schedule. Getting attendees moving is often popping up on the agenda, however, not everyone has a workforce in peak physical condition who are willing to get a sweat up in the presence of their colleagues.

Here’s some ideas for including some activity in your next conference, big or small.


1. Yoga in the lunch hour

As seen at the recent Wellbeing Summit in Melbourne, attendees rolled out their mats in the main conference space over the lunch break. The class was taught by an industry expert up on the main stage.

While it wasn’t compulsory to attend the class, it was extremely popular and received amazing feedback from participants. The benefits of switching your brain to a different channel for an hour or so can be hugely beneficial. After the yoga class attendees absorbed more content and could also recall that content with better clarity after the conference.


2. Shake it off between speakers

This one may sound more appropriate for a group of toddlers, but it’s just as effective for refocusing energy in adults. It is actually an attendee favourite, they stand up and get a chance to wriggle around when there’s a break in the conference.

Some people will feel more willing to move around than others so it can be helpful to guide the group. Putting on some upbeat music and getting someone to lead the exercise can help maximise participation.


3. Disguise exercise as games

If your venue allows, it is great to get attendees outside and give attendees a change of pace and scenery. Outdoor games are often team based activities, so have the added benefit of team bonding or networking.

Organising games like bowls on the lawn, giant Jenga or even a casual volleyball game are often a hit. A bit of Vitamin D can also recharge the batteries for the afternoon conference session.


Francesca Peskops is co-founder of Event Emporium


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