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UPDATED: Sensis behind guerrilla pizza making?


UPDATED: Sensis behind guerrilla pizza making?


A pizza maker is at the centre of a guerrilla marketing campaign, supplying pizzas to consumers free of charge – as long as they can find him first.

Tony Fazio’s Hidden Pizza Restaurant has relied on word of mouth to spread the initiative, with its Facebook page already boasting over 1,300 fans.

Customers are challenged to find the restaurant’s contact details by ‘looking up the number the way you would any other business’ and call to organise to pick up their free pizza.

The campaign appears to be an initiative from Sensis, as a YellowPages.com.au search for the term reveals the contact details and menu.

Sources have informed Marketingmag.com.au that media agency OMD is behind the execution, though an OMD representative was unavailable to comment at the time of publication.

The campaign is running until 25 April.

UPDATE: KaRina Keisler from Yellow Pages Corporate Affairs has told The Age that the company is ‘involved’ but could not divulge anything more for at least a few weeks. Clemenger Proximity has also been confirmed by a Marketingmag.com.au source as being involved the in the campaign.

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