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Viral tool to pick the next winner


Viral tool to pick the next winner


A new research tool has been launched by a European company that can detect the next big viral by asking consumers to rate their emotional reaction to particular advertisements.

AdSpark has been designed by research agency Conquest to spot the next advertisement that will create ‘brand contagion’.

The survey, completed online, asks users to choose an avatar to represent themselves, watch an ad and then answer questions.

The company indicated that instead awarding a 10 or using a type of scale, users must adjust the avatar until it makes the facial expression that corresponds with how they feel.

Users must also adjust this avatar to show how the ad has made them feel towards the brand.

According to David Penn, managing director at Conquest, the idea of using a human avatar is to reduce dropout and give better data.

“The marketing world has shifted irrevocably from the traditional interrupt and persuade rational model of advertising to a place where a meerkat fan club can help set a brand alight… when it comes to contagious, emotional response and sometimes miss the truly great ads,” explained Penn.

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